Braun Series 6 6072cc Review

An electric razor is an excellent tool for men with sensitive skin. It will leave you feeling clean and smooth, without the irritation that can come from manual shaving. In this article, we provide a complete Braun Series 6  6072cc review to help you decide if it’s right for your needs.

with its sleek and ergonomic design – made to be as gentle on the skin as possible. Braun’s new, improved head will minimize pain and discomfort when shaving those hard-to-reach areas like the bikini area or under your chin if you struggle with sensitive skin. This powerful electric shaver is available in both wet and dry modes. This powerful electric shaver gives a gentler close shave than ever before. They’ve also included ActiveLift, which gently pins hairs up just as they’re cut, so they don’t grow back as quickly. You can even replace those pesky single-blade razors for the equivalent solo shave with every stroke. 

The Braun Series 6 6072cc is outstanding because of its SensoFoil blades. You won’t worry about any discomfort caused by standard ones, and you can get a close shave, unlike ever before. SensoFoil blades are designed for improved skin comfort and closer contact. An intelligent hair adaptor allows for a customized cutting experience by altering the trimmer’s power, taking care of tiny hairs you may have missed after a haircut. 

You’ve had a long day, and it shows. Your beard is a little rough on your cheek, you have stubble on your chin, and something about the corners of your mouth looks oddly gross. The first blade lifts and slices the hairs so closely they won’t grow back for a week. The second blade cuts even closer to give you a close, comfortable shave. Plus, you can use this Braun Series 6 6072cc electric razor to wet or dry in the shower with cream or foam over your sink with water and shaving gel or anywhere because it’s 100% waterproof. 

This Braun Series 6 6072cc shaver has a patented charge station, so you can enjoy up to 50 minutes of constant shaving after only 5 min of charging. The Braun Series 6 6072cc boasts four synchronized shaving elements that deliver 30% more cutting force than before. Suppose you’re not convinced that this is enough for an outstanding shave. Consider the technological innovation in this device’s blade system called MicroComb technology. Each strand of hair is captured by specially designed combs below the Shaving Foils to maximize getting ultra-close and comfortable. Get rid of hair fast with this sleek and shiny electric shaver.

The Braun Series 6 6072cc is a practical and straightforward electric shaver that can be taken with you just about anywhere. The 4in1 SmartCare center ensures the sharpness of your blades, along with moisturizing skin right after use to keep it soft and touchable. Whether you want a simple shave down, a close shave to feel fresh as a daisy, or anywhere in between, this shaver has it handled. With safety guards in place specifically to reduce irritation from the skin during use, cleaning is simple with rinse water after each session or by using the included SmartClean system in minutes flat. Thanks to the Beard Trimmer attachment for that daily or event day stubble look, you can always have a beard trim at the click of your fingers.

Features At A Glance:

  • It’s a 100% waterproof & electric razor.
  • A special blade named SensoFoil is used for skin comfort.
  • It is available in both wet and dry modes.
  • This razor has a quick charging capability.
  • The 4in1 SmartCare center is used here, which ensures the sharpness of the blades.

Braun Series 6 6072cc Review Of Users

The new Series 6 6072cc electric razor from Braun is an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin and want a product that operates quickly. This top-of-the-line model provides an excellent shaving experience with its waterproof design and quick charge capabilities that allow users to get all-day use from one charge. Though it’s expensive, it’s worth every penny.

What they like about the product

Excellent electric razor

The Braun Series 6 6072cc power cordless electric shaver is an excellent choice for men. It has a rechargeable battery that can use on either the face or body, and it offers plenty of power with 30 seconds long shaving foam removal systems. It has an excellent shaving system with six different heads and gel strips that can be used on both eyes or beard areas without any problems.

Works great for sensitive skin

The Braun Series 6 6072cc is a great razor for sensitive skin. This high-quality product work with your skin and are always kind enough to provide sensitive options so everyone can enjoy them. Thanks to its advanced anti-slip coating of stainless steel with unique properties that ensure an even shave while preventing bumps on your face from occurring during shaving time.

Quick Charge

It can be recharged in five minutes by plugging it into an outlet, or by using the included cord, Braun’s Series 6 6072cc shaver offers quick charging. The unit also gives you enough power to perform one full shave with it. So, don’t worry about charging again and again.


The Braun Series 6 6072cc is explicitly designed for wet and dry use. It has been 100% waterproof, making it perfect when you need to shave in the shower or on a boat. This 100% waterproof shaver will protect your skin and hair from getting irritated by wind, rain, or steamy hot surfaces. The hypoallergenic coating on the foil blades helps prevent nicks at sensitive areas like necks, where there are fewer hairs to cover them up. 

Worth the money

Though Braun Series 6 6072cc is expensive, it will give you an excellent shave every time and last for years before needing replacement parts or service. You can completely trust that it will be worth your every penny. Check out this great product on Amazon. Have it now, before stock out. 

What they don’t like

Poor design

Though most users praise Braun Series 6 6072cc for its excellent design, some users complained about the design. According to the user, this Braun Series 6 electric razor has a poor design that causes irritation and pain.

Clippings end up all over

The clippers buzzed and whirred, leaving a trail of hair in its wake. This Braun Series 6 6072cc didn’t solve this problem at all. And also, it creates a mess to shave. I can’t cut hair properly. These are common errors, according to some users.

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Final Thoughts

The Braun Series 6 6072cc electric razor is an excellent purchase for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s also great if you want an excellent groomer that has the latest technology and comes at a higher price point. Even if you’re looking to purchase a costly but worthwhile item, this electric shaver will not let you down. Check out the price on Amazon to have this now before stock out.

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