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Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors – Reviews with Pros & Cons

A recumbent trike is a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather while getting in some exercise. Whether you are looking for an easy ride or something with more resistance, there’s a trike out there that will suit your needs.

Additionally, a recumbent trike can be perfect for seniors who may have mobility issues because it has a low center of gravity and is easier on the joints than other types of bicycles.

This article explores five best recumbent trikes for seniors ranging from budget-friendly options to high-end vehicles that provide excellent value. So, stay tuned.

What is a recumbent trike?

A recumbent trike is a vehicle that has three wheels and one or two seats. The rider reclines in the bike’s seat, which is usually more comfortable than sitting up straight on a regular bike.

Trikes are popular among senior citizens, for whom balance may be an issue. They can also be used as a low-impact workout (appealing to people who want to exercise but don’t like the strenuous ride of a regular bike) or as alternate means of transportation (for example, for shopping). They’re especially helpful for those who have injured their legs and can’t put any weight on them.

Some recumbent trikes come with electric motors to increase the average speed or help people up hills, though these bikes are generally more expensive than regular models.

5 Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors in 2021

Have you ever been on a trike before? Recumbent trikes are an excellent way to get around. These types of bikes have seats that allow for more back support and offer the rider a more natural posture. Let’s have a look at 5 market-leading recumbent trikes’ reviews.

1. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle for Men & Women

The Mobo Triton, a professional-grade tricycle for adults of all genders. It has an ergonomic design to keep your back and knees cool as you burn off some energy on this fun toy!

Yes, this amazing bike is engineered to handle flat surfaces and gentle slopes, providing a great cardiovascular workout with less effort. Its built-in low center of gravity ensures a stable ride while the dual joysticks make it easy to handle turns and hills.

Moreover, its high-quality 20-inch front and 16-inch rear tires don’t scare off when it comes to wet terrain. Additionally, the reclined cushioned seat provides maximum support as you cruise along smoothly paved ways or hilly off roads.

You can also take advantage of this smart and easy-to-use vehicle, as its durable steel frame allows anyone up to 250lbs around town! Another great thing about the trike is that its extendable frame can accommodate riders of all sizes ranging from 4ft 2 inches to 6ft 3 inches of height.

With Mobo’s US-designed product being American-made, it features free wheel gear that allows for an easy ride while its caliper brakes provide safety so you can relax pedaling your way around town.

So, get ready to have some fun being green with this environmentally friendly and sleek trike. After all, its chain-less chassis, ergonomic seat, and innovative steering style will let you enjoy it to the fullest.


  1. Easily adjustable frame with 10 slots
  2. Robust build quality
  3. Low center of gravity for increased balanced and stability


  1. It runs slowly

2. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Here is another recumbent trike for seniors from renowned brand Mobo and it offers tons of bells and whistles to give you utmost comfort without compromising convenience.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor exercise bike or something fun to use around town, this incredible tricycle has all the essentials to be your favorite buddy.  Also, this trike is designed for those elders who want to cruise leisurely or get an intense workout, without putting too much stress on their joints.

Moreover, this new 3-wheeler is the most advanced of its kind. With a super sturdy steel construction and all ground-breaking features, the Mobo Shift’s extendable frame lets this trike accommodate riders from 4ft to 6ft 3 inches in height for more comfort!

Also, it is equipped with reflective safety flags to keep you safe while enjoying your ride. The back support has six adjustable angle settings so it’ll be easy to find just the right position while seated on this comfy seat!

What’s even better, This Mobo Shift cycle comes with an “all new” rear-wheel steering system that provides stability on rough terrain or long rides. Don’t worry, it will last season after season, unlike cheaper competitors who may require more frequent replacements.

This trike’s chainless chassis means that maintenance is quick and it remains quieter. And, the reverse-gear function will offer you the convenience of leading the vehicle in the reverse direction without any hassle. So, with the latest innovation in transportation, get ready for some exciting times ahead!


  1. Very easy to assemble with clear instructions
  2. Well-balanced and comfy design
  3. Helpful Reverse gear system


  1. Hard to climb even small hills

3. KMX Venom recumbent trike

If cruising is your thing or if you prefer to take it easy on your back and knees, the KMX venom is guaranteed to be enjoyable for adults and seniors in the family. Just sit back and peddle away!

For the fitness enthusiast who demands high quality, this Recumbent trike offers style and reliability. Low maintenance with easy assembly, this guy is perfect for anyone looking to get in shape with a smooth ride.

Moreover, you won’t face any difficulties in controlling the trike with its ergonomically placed steering handles and smooth pedal. The handbrakes combined with top-grade disk brakes make this recumbent vehicle further user-friendly.

The KMX Venom features a robust frame that is made of Aluminum with internal strengthening for durability so you can ride various terrain with ease. Also, its tires and other functional attachments are made to give long-lasting performance.

With oversized super Glide Pulley—this recumbent trike enables improved chain management with less wear and tear on the chain. This recreational trike features 29 speeds and a comfortable bucket-design seat for hours of relaxed riding.

The trike’s compact shape and lightweight structure allow you to carry it in the back of your SUV for long trips. Apart from that, it has an extended wheelbase and bigger 26 inches back tire, giving you confidence on all surfaces.


  1. 29-speed settings offer plenty of variety
  2. Lightweight but heavy-duty frame
  3. Easy to assemble


  1. Chain installation details aren’t clear

4. TW bents trident recumbent tricycle

Take your cardiovascular exercise to the next level with this smooth trike from TW bents. Recumbent trikes are all about comfort and full body workout; thankfully this delivers everything you’d expect from it.

First of all, it has a 3×8 drivetrain, it has enough power to make you go as fast as a bicycle. There are 24 speed controls in that equipment. Being able to change your speed this easily while riding would really help you out.

This speed changing made possible thanks to the 8 tooth SRAM 11-32 cassette made out of stainless steel and the well made 30-42-52 chainrings. I’ll make this easier for you to understand, simply it means it’s got a lot of gears, and more gears are always better.

Teflon tubes and a little bit of flexible tubing take care of the chains to make it easy going overall.

Surprisingly, you can fold this thing, to make it small for storage or even transport it in a vehicle. Imagine yourself folding it and putting it in your car, driving off to your favorite place, then having a workout session on it being surrounded by nature.

The handlebars are yet another great feature. You can use this tool with one hand even when you’re riding at a high speed. I also found the seats to be comforting.


  1. Foldable cromoly frame, can hang in a closet
  2. Comfy mesh seats easily blends in with you
  3. Various speed control gears


  1. No pedal or brake steer can be a turn off for many

5. Top End Force-3 Stock Handcycle

Time to show you a premium pick. If you want the best of the best, then you need to spend a little more, but the results are worth the price. The mind blowing hand tricycle from Top-End will surely get your attention.

It’s different from most other tricycles right off the bat, why? Because you can operate it by hand. This makes it the perfect choice for those who have extremely vulnerable knees, as they don’t have to put pressure there.

Obviously, since it’s hand operated equipment, the handles have to be great. Good news is, they are. The hand pedals are ergonomic, comfortable and frictionless. And the crank is adjustable so you can set it at a height you can favor.

I believe recumbent cycles have to be comfortable, and the seats on this one are the best. It has a 17″ width with the front and rear seats having 9″ height. The backside of the seat has a 22″ height, making it a comfortable recline for the user. And yes, they’re well padded.

The 26″ wheels are great too, you can use almost anything- road tires, knobby tires, cruise tires, etc. With the right tires, you can even go off-roading with it!

It also comes with a cable driven parking brake, threaded axle, 60″ wheelbase and an upper derailleur as well as other standard features like safety guard, drafting bumper, seat straps, etc.

It’s stylish stealth black design will surely be something a lot of people would like.


  1. No assembly needed
  2. 30 speed options
  3. You can adjust the seat and back angle
  4. Has high performance components


  1. Expensive

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors – Buying Guide

When buying products for seniors, we need to be a bit more vigilant. We have to take their ailments and comforts into consideration. To make it easier for you, I went ahead and listed what you need to look for when buying a recumbent trike for seniors. Look below:


Whenever you see the word recumbent, comfort will have to come with it. One of the major reasons people go for a recumbent trike is because they have any kind of pain [whether from injuries or old age, or any illness like arthritis, etc.].

Whatever the condition may be, the fact of the matter is that they seek relaxation. That’s why the recumbent gear you pick must be comfortable. Having the rightly padded seats and back is crucial for that.

Without a comfy seat and backrest, seniors will have a hard time on it, they won’t be able to work out properly.


Seniors need durable equipment. Just imagine your parents or grandparents are riding a recumbent bike and suddenly it crumbled, they’d fall and could hurt themselves, it’d be a nightmare!

The most durable body frame for a tricycle is steel. They have high durability and more weight capacity, but they’re heavy as hell. Old people could struggle moving it, that’s why aluminum is a better option. They’re lightweight but sturdy enough.


Another important part of a tricycle is the handlebars. Why so? Because they’re responsible for maintaining the balance. Older people would need comfortable grip as well as a good height for them to ride the trike casually.

It’d be a great help if the handlebar is adjustable, that way you don’t have to worry. Even better if they’re ergonomic.


Yes, this is also another factor for it. Ultimately, the aim of a recumbent trike is to give you a good workout. It’s not gonna happen if you pedal at a slow pace. However, going too fast also could risk accidents. You need it to be somewhere in between.

Competitive trikes can go even up to 57 miles per hour. But we mustn’t forget who the buyers are. Seniors don’t need to go at such speed, rather it’s dangerous for them. 9-12 mph is a good speed range for seniors on a recumbent trike.

Although, if you get a tricycle with multiple speed controls, then you don’t have to worry.


You definitely want a tricycle for older people to have multiple gears. I agree with the notion that the more gears, the better. This is a must for people who live uphill or want to ride their trike there.


Tricycle height is also necessary. An ideal size for recumbent trikes for old people is 24 to 26 inches. Although, those who are even taller than what we perceive as a “tall person” wouldn’t fit there, they might have to settle for a 29-30″ trike.


Tricycles that take a small amount of area are great. This is not a deal breaker but a huge convenience if you can manage it. That way you can store them easily, or even take them with you everywhere.

Are recumbent trikes safe for seniors?

Recumbents are a great way to get some exercise, and they’re also much safer than normal bikes! You’ll have less distance from the ground if you fall off.

And because of their lower center of gravity it’s almost impossible for someone on one of these machines (especially ones with large seats)to go over handlebars during an accident – which is good news considering how many people don’t wear helmets while riding these vehicles either.

I like that recumbent riders make themselves more visible when cycling by being closer together through car windows; this may help avoid accidents before they happen in traffic situations where visibility can become low- especially since cars stop faster if there seems something wrong nearby.

This is because you’ll be more noticeable when you ride a recumbent. The larger part of your body will always remain in front-facing drivers’ vision, and thus give them less chance to mistake it for their own car or van backlit by sunlight on foggy mornings – which is common during winter months as those are typically our driest days!

Can you lose weight riding a recumbent trike?

Though there are many different ways to lose weight, riding a recumbent trike may be one of the easiest and most fun workouts that will help you get into shape. It works great for people just starting out because it puts minimal stress on their joints. In fact, it can be a great workout for those who have been experiencing joint pain from a previous workout.

This type of exercise is also a nice alternative because it will allow you to sit throughout your entire ride without having to exert any energy into standing up. It can provide a full body workout, and despite not being able to see the muscles working, it may start to reduce plenty of fat after riding for just a short period of time.

Unlike the types of bikes where you will lean over and fly down hills, this bike allows you to lean in a chair-like seat which is much easier on your back and joints. The change in positions may be just what some people need to get started again because it’s not as strenuous on their body, and they don’t have to worry about falling and hurting themselves.

It works the back and core muscles, as well as the legs since you will be peddling with both during your ride. Since there aren’t gears on this type of bike, pedaling at a slower pace can help keep those leg muscles toned without causing too much stress. Afterall, it’s a great thing for those who are concerned about their fitness but also have joints, back, or knee pain.

Health Benefit of using a recumbent trike

Recumbent trike’s sole purpose isn’t entertaining riders, it also incorporates several health benefitRiding a recumbent trike can be great for your health because it provides better balance and muscle strength while placing less stress on the joints.

You’ll be more comfortable when riding one compared to a traditional bicycle because it’s easy to get on and off. Let’s have a look at some more benefits of the 3-wheeler-

Strengthening muscles:

Recumbent trikes provide better balance and muscle strength. It’s able to enhance stability in muscles, bones and joints.  Meanwhile, the foot helps to produce force while peddling. It’s a very efficient way of burning calories and strengthening muscles. It’s also good for low abs muscles.

Proper Lumbar Support:

Recumbent trikes provide better back support. It allows you to recline so your weight is properly distributed over the seat. This position reduces pain in the lower back, hips and knees, which can be experienced when riding a traditional bicycle. The proper sitting position also makes breathing deeper and easier than other modes of transportation because there’s no stress on the chest.

Burn calories:

Recumbent trikes help to burn calories. It’s a low intensity workout that’s easy on your heart and great for those who have joint issues or injuries. You will also have better balance resulting in a more confident ride and significant calories burn.

Knee and back pain relief:

Recumbent trike gives better support to the knee, hip and neck joints of the rider. Such comfort offered by recumbent trikes reduces stress on these vital body parts of a rider. This provides relief from pain people may suffer from due to overuse of their knee, hip and neck joints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Are recumbent bikes difficult to ride?

No, Recumbent bikes are easy to ride. They’re just different to what we’re used to. Even at your worst, it should only take a day to get used to it.

2. Is a tricycle easier to ride uphill?

Yes, a 3 wheeled cycle is much easier to go uphill than a bicycle because you don’t have to balance it. For older people there’s one other benefit, unlike bikes, their quads and knees don’t feel that intense pressure when going uphill.

3. Which is better: Bikes or Trikes?

For seniors, trike is the absolute best choice. Because they can relax and not worry about tipping off, this assurance of safety at that age is valuable and holds a lot of importance.

And they also don’t have to bend their knees much as compared to a bicycle. Although there have been a lot of recumbent exercise bikes for bad knees lately. It’s worth a shot looking at them.

4. How long should a senior work out on a recumbent bike?

30 mins a day on a recumbent trike should suffice for seniors. You must also take the 5 min warm-up into account as well as the cooling down period afterwards.

Final words

If you’re looking for a good recumbent trike that will last and provide the best possible experience for your aging body then one of these five options may be right for you.

Remember to consider the price range, features, reviews from customers who have used it before, and most importantly what kind of riding experience do you want? We hope this article has been helpful in providing some insight into choosing the best recumbent trike for seniors!

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